sunnuntai 13. huhtikuuta 2014


The thing is, that I don't feel comfortable in this mainstream type of "fashion blogging" and want to do it differently. See, I think in fashion/style blogs the clothes and style are the ones that should matter, not artsy photos nor showing yourself off in them. Of course I respect bloggers that take amazing photos for their posts and put in a lot of effort to show off their outfits. I just happen to be between two jobs, studying and trying to apply to schools this year, not to mention the normal life, so I simply don't have the time for all that posing in beautiful locations. And come on, let's be honest, Finland ia not the best place to photograph your outfits outdoors - it's raining, snowing, dark or freezing 300 days of the year. I think I may have found the perfect solution for me, that allows me to make better quality posts every time, without having to think about who am I going to get to shoot the pictures - I can do it all by myself! I am going to do my outfit posts as flats. That way I can make all this work without an extra person to photograph me, and to be honest, I think this is more about my styling skills than my modeling skills. Tell me how you like it, when I start posting. Cheers.

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